Cherry Tomato 'Bartelly F1'

Bartelly F1 is a very strong and vigorous variety, with a high production. Fruits are around 15-17 grams and Bartelly is well suited for loose harvest with crown. The high production is due to high numbers of long and split (branched) trusses. It has a very good taste with a nice balance between sweet and sour. This variety is ideal for non-heated greenhouses and performs best with low fertilization.

Cherry Tomato 'Bartelly F1'

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Cherry Tomato 'Bartelly F1'
Cherry Tomato 'Bartelly F1'

Crop information

Species Solanum lycopersicum
Segment Cherry, loose with crown
Fruit weight 15-17 g
Fruit colour Red
Fruit shape Round to lightly oval
Taste A very good taste, with a good balance between sweet and sour
Plant characteristics Indeterminate, vigorous, productive due to long split-trusses
Optimal growing conditions In soil, unheated greenhouse, low fertilization advised.
Resistances (HR)

ToMV tomato mosaic virus
Ff: 1 – 5 Fulvia fulvum (ex Cladosporium fulvum)

Additional information Recommended plant density: around 2,2 plants/m2