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Brassica professional

Our range of brassica crops is especially suitable for professional vegetable cultivation. These include organic seeds for broccoli 'Belstar' and white cabbage 'Caraflex'. Regardless of your crop schedule, we will always be able to provide you with the right variety and type of seed. Choose from our cauliflower varieties for early summer and autumn production or broccoli resilient to secondary growth. All of our varieties are robust and productive. De Bolster offers the best organic seeds for successful organic cultivation.

Bloemkool Bermeo F1
Cauliflower 'Bermeo F1' is suitable for early summer cultivation. This cauliflower has a flattened, round head and good firmness. Leaves are reasonably self-covering.
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Bloemkool Liria F1
Cauliflower 'Liria F1' is suitable for early autumn cultivation. Good self-covering which keeps the head nice and white. A strong crop.
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Broccoli ‘Belstar F1’
Broccoli 'Belstar F1' is suitable for growing in summer and autumn. These are compact, very productive plants. 'Belstar' is resilient to secondary growth and matures earlier than most varieties.
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Palmkool Nero di Toscana
Kale 'Nero di Toscana' is a typical Tuscan cabbage grown as kale. It can tolerate Tuscan winters but not Dutch winters.
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Romanesco Veronica F1
Romanesco 'Veronica F1' is suitable for late summer cultivation. This unusual and attractive cauliflower consists of many little yellow-green ‘towers'. Very uniform crop.
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Spitskool Caraflex F1
White Cabbage 'Caraflex F1' is a very pointed type of cabbage with a nice green colour. It has smooth outer leaves and very uniform heads. Suitable for medium-length storage. 
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Spruitkool Irene F1
Brussels Sprouts 'Irene F1' is an early variety. Productive with a mild flavour. Round sprouts with good keeping quality. Highly resistant to bolting.
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Chinese kool Emiko F1
Chinese Cabbage 'Emiko F1' is suitable for spring, summer and autumn cultivation. Medium height, cylindrical shape. Highly resistant to tip burn. Reasonable storage length.
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